No mountain too high

I took my first private class for the year today. When I paid for the lessons yesterday, I was mourning for my bank account. Private lessons do not come cheap and one wishes that you get the biggest bang for your buck when you make that huge investment.

Today was a gratifying moment. And I’m happy to announce that it was a hundred dollars well spent. I think I have finally found a teacher that works for me and I am so ever grateful for that. I have tried other teachers in the past, and they all have their strengths and they are all great teachers. But this one managed to speak to my soul.

I am not an easy student to teach. I have an irrational fear of being upside down. I have trust issues with my legs. I will gladly dangle from my hands 15 feet of the floor but it is just so hard for me to get into an inverted leg hang position even if my face was just 2 inches from the floor. My overactive imagination will figure out a thousand ways for me to break my neck and my spine into smithereens. What goes on in my head is just not pretty.

I confided in the teacher and for once, I felt someone took me seriously and truly understood how I felt. She did not brush my concerns aside. Instead, we worked on how I could overcome my terror one bit at a time. Don’t look at the floor she said, straighten your legs up the ceiling so you will not get jarring movements to scare yourself she said. She helped me push past it. I am still frightened, though no longer terrified. It was a breakthrough moment. And I promise to train with the tennis ball between my knees when I am doing crunches.

We worked my my flexibility too. For some reason we fell into that part of the training quite naturally. Maybe she saw how tight I was, or maybe she saw my scrunched up face was when I tried to reach for my toes. And somehow in those ten or so minutes I felt the most uncomfortable sensations, but the mirror does not lie. I was more flexible than I have ever been before in my life. My hips are squarer in a front split, my legs are lower in a straddle. My face was closer to my knees in a pike. Unbelievable.

Inverts and flexibility issues are the biggest hurdles I have now. I am sure there will be other challenges along the way but for now, I am just taking these two big banes out of my way. Perhaps in the future I may seriously enjoy being upside down; and one day I could split six ways to Sunday. For now, I am enjoying the process of conquering these huge mountains and becoming a better practitioner of the art of the vertical spinning brass stick.


I got you CANDY!

And so Mslalalee and I went for a practice session today. We were both obviously exhausted from the night before but for some reason didn’t moan about how tired we were and we both showed up at the studio. We started out feeling bleah and slippery. And I found myself looking at the clock like every 5 minutes. So you can imagine how dreary it felt today.

Practiced a couple of left leg and right leg hangs, decided that a layback was too painful to even attempt, and whiled my time away by doing some easy spins. Then I decided maybe let’s just do some candy conditioning. It was a move that eluded me for a while. I’m rather strong but the feeling of having your butt just hanging out in mid-air was a little too confusing for me to grasp. (I’ll talk about how chicken shit I am another time.)

And so, i decided to spend my last 10 mins for so to do some conditioning for the annoying candy, thinking if I just keep pulling my legs up one day ill go above my butt.

And it happened.

Just like that.

I was crazy overjoyed and was jumping around with glee. Grabbed my phone and asked mslalalee to get a video of it. And the phone decided that it will just film 10 seconds of my next candy attempt. Grrrrrr!!!!

And I did it again just to get it captured on video. Not the best representation of a candy but you get the idea. There’s going to be a lot of work trying to beautify it but it’s a start.


I am so stoked.

Tomorrow’s my first private session with Teacher C. Hopefully she’ll turn me from stomping around like a space shuttle to something less clumsy. Let’s start with the look-less-like-i’m-having-a-seizure head rolls lesson!

Finally, a pole blog

Mslalalee mentioned in her blogpost that she breezed through pole classes for beginners through to intermediate 2. And she’s starting to struggle in intermediate 3. What a wuss. Only start to struggle in intermediate 3?!!!!

Every spin, every knee pop, every body roll, I’ve had trouble with.

I don’t own a single dancing bone. Not even that itty bitty little one in my pinkie toe. I was not born to gyrate or pirouette. My body doesn’t understand flow. It cannot process anything that doesn’t involve moving forwards or backwards. I trip over my own feet sometimes. Hell, I even hate being upside down!

That is why I am obsessed with pole dancing. I am challenging every boundary that my body and my mind have set for me.

And so this blog is a reminder to myself that with time and patience I will break every barrier that the “I cannot” devil has set for me; and a place for me to celebrate every breakthrough.